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O2 was established with a vision, to promote community health and providing professional support for those who wish to improve their functional capacity and metabolic health. The innovative center, led by physiologist Dr. Horesh Dor-Haim, incorporates a multidisciplinary team of leading experts who provide a wide range of programs for building healthy, active lifestyle to improve quality of life.

O2Start is an innovative personalized health program, based on scientific research and the most advanced technologies for diagnosis, control and balance of body systems.

The program includes close personal guidance and supervision from experts in health, nutrition and fitness, anytime and anywhere through a unique application, on the mobile phone.
Using advanced technologies and a combination of digital app and sensors, our experts can connect assist and give advice at any given moment meeting the personal needs to live right, lose weight, get in shape, reduce stress and address health risk factors.

After you have gone through extensive testing and mapped out your physical condition and needs
And after we have built a personal health plan for you
This is the time to connect with our expert team through the O2start app

What does the app include?

To whom this program is suitable?

When something goes wrong in your body, you want to diagnose and treat yourself, one moment before it's too late

For those who need a little push and encouragement to persist, get in shape, lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle

Professional or amateur athlete, get professional guidance to improve achievement

For physical rehabilitation of orthopedic and neurological disabilities

For chronic cardiac and diabetic patients who need to reduce their risk of another event

3-step program:

Step 3: Download the app connect to a fitness bracelet and personal accompaniment

Connection with our experts using a combination of app and digital sensors. The experts can connect with you and advise you at any given moment about your needs, lose weight, get fit, reduce stress, and address any other health risk factors.

Step 2: Set goals together and adapt a personal health plan

Receive personalized advice. Refine your needs and goals and translate them into intermediate goals and practical steps to achieve them. Start gradually, establish your basic habits of diet and exercise. Build a more advanced and effective program, tailored for your physiological needs and image.

Step 1: Undergo advanced multi-system diagnostics and get to know your body age

The process involves examination and diagnosis of your body physiological function. The experts then build a personalized health plan for you

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What can be done through the app?

Interact with our team and other participants in the program

Interact with our team and other participants in the program

Our part: Through the app you will receive feedbacks, reminders and instructions on a daily basis, in scheduled messages, chat, or video calls.

Your part: You can join friends who also use the app and create your own support group. Ask questions and get reinforcements if needed from our team and staff.

Build your own agenda

Build your own agenda

Our part: Through the app you will receive a structured health plan that updates your expected activities during the day as part of the health plan and reminds you to take measurements or take medication. If necessary, you will receive updates on changes to your metrics and links to relevant articles or videos for you

Your part: follow instructions, follow them fully and update the app in every detail so your personal trainer will be able to stay up to date all the time

Learn and maintain healthy eating habits

Learn and maintain healthy eating habits

Our part: Through the app you will receive feedback about your eating habits and recommendations on balanced and correct menus for your metabolic needs.

Your part: photograph every dish, send it to us and make sure you stick to your personal menu. And if you were deviated them, get directions from us how to proceed.

Get in shape

Get in shape

Our part: Through the app, your personal health coach will provide you with your own personal list of exercises, send you demo videos and recommend you the level of difficulty and number of times to perform each exercise.

Your part: Tell us what you have already done today, get feedback, ask questions and consult in cases of difficulty.

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